27th February 2017

Sex Trafficking Satire


Sex Trafficking: A Modest Proposal

A Current Modest Proposal to Aid the Slumping Economy and Benefit from the Booming Business of “Spreading Love” or Otherwise Called Sex Trafficking

The world as we know it is drowning in hardships and failures. Everywhere one turns, an image of the impending danger of global warming, mass economic failure, riots, genocides, AIDS, cancer, financial disaster, and poverty haunts their view. The race against these issues, that plague our future, has us working day and night to find solutions, with the knowledge of people from every profession, before we are completely submerged in a sea of destruction. Another issue must be addressed among these severe adversities: the global sex trade. This illegal, immoral form of exploitation chains 2.5 million people worldwide per year, and a majority of the victims are between 18 and 24 years of age. 98% of the captives are women and girls who are forced into prostitution and experience brutal sexual violence. A grand total of $15.5 billion are made in profit annually from this inhuman social injustice.

The effects of sex trafficking are long-lasting and undeniably painful. Because women are belittled in so many societies, it’s hardly considered a conflict when immeasurable pain is inflicted upon them. The mental, emotional, and physical distortion caused by violent abuse lasts a lifetime. The agony of shame, the tremors of fear, and the disgust from distrust buries itself deep inside a woman’s heart when she has been tortured in unimaginable ways. The purple indentures on the skin, where the beatings stand out prominently, remain there for days as a reminder of the duty the women are bound to. The hollow growl of the belly serves as a motivation to do their work fully in order to be fed. The scars from the heinous act of providing pleasure to strangers burn as if they’re ignited with flames. The risk of suffering diseases flung upon them by unabashed men pressures the women to succumb to hot, unstoppable tears. The heartbreaking and touching stories of numerous young people caught in this affair prompts one to believe that these effects are not worth the colossal profit that comes from “spreading love.” However, so many businesses would be shutdown and so many smugglers would be put out of jobs, and the world doesn’t need any more unemployed thugs.

Considering this thought, we have designed a proposal that will alleviate the situation, and that takes into account the plight of the helpless teenagers as well as the position of successful traffickers. We recommend this: the global sex trade should decrease the age group of the victims trafficked to 3 – 14 years and be legalized. The younger they are the more adorable and lovable they will be. Men will find that innocent, plump, and healthy children are extremely arousing, make for tasteful company, and will be worth every penny spent on them. They will not only be beautiful, but will come free of the complications the clients have to deal with if they were older. Their flawless features and tender bodies will promote a most enjoyable experience and word will spread that they are the new fish in the sea. Their numerous benefits will be sure to attract even the most reluctant customer.

Little children are radiant and are attractive in many ways. We see them on clothing advertisements and are mesmerized by their luminosity. Why shouldn’t sex traffickers use this feature to their advantage and make an even larger profit? Young children can be rented in packages that come with mix-and-match tops and bottoms. There’s a spark of excitement that comes from dressing your victim and men will thoroughly take pleasure in setting the stage. After their work is done, the child can be put back on the market. This is a great technique to attract customers.

In a time of increased stress levels due to the speed with which people move through life, a mode of relaxation is necessary. Little children rarely contribute to their country or the world as whole, so it’s ideal that they spend their time “spreading love.” The topmost advantage of gathering young children is that they readily agree to anything with only a slight amount of coaxing. They are too innocent to know right from wrong and won’t dare to put up a struggle. They needn’t be treated with aggression because with a few sweet words they will submit to your every last wish. These young ones aren’t emotionally ripe enough to hang on to the disgrace and invasion of personal space. They will also prove beneficial, in that, their bodies are properly suited for the job; pregnancy won’t be an issue at all. Money will not be unnecessarily wasted, unlike in a situation where a pregnant victim might run away or the trafficker would have to pay for the expenses of the newborn. The factor of enthusiasm can also be added to the list of advantages in using young children. Some children are so miserable at home, especially in warring states and dangerous countries, they would much rather take to working in a brothel than endure their current state. These are many reasons to take this proposal into consideration, but not only will the public benefit, the government will also gain from this trade.

Minor sex trafficking includes the government gaining money spent on the otherwise failed efforts to stop sex trading.  Trafficked minors create a $9-27 billion industry and this large sum of money is wasted on immoral smugglers and kidnappers.  Countries could be free of their debts if an influx of sex trafficking money was added to the governments’ cash flow.  For instance, Google donated $11.5 million in order to stop this money flow, and those millions were wasted since the sex trafficking business continues today in high demand!  The global child trafficking market already makes over $12 billion a year with over 1.2 million children aiding this trade; why should we not collect these revenues? If the efforts of nonprofits such as UN.GIFT and inventions such as the Polaris Project are failing to decrease demand for trafficking, the public and the government should use this to their advantage and gain from it.

If trafficking had no restrictions the real estate industry would soar, overpopulation would be controlled, and the medical field would gain hundreds of dollars in profit. Real estate would gain from the sex trade business because the industry requires the use of brothels, hotels, and other housing for the world’s sex slaves.  Also, governments would have the opportunity to open a new department of child trafficking overlooked by the prominent mafia leaders that will make sure that the trade is properly regulated and is not abused.   The pimps would then be employed by the government with full benefits in health care for them and their cargo. Thus, our economy will benefit with the creation of the AIG trafficking wing which is the largest insurance company in the United States to offer insurance products for the trade. Also, sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS and HIV will reduce overpopulation in countries like China and require the use of medical services. Trafficking would be beneficial globally.

One of the biggest factors in promoting this business has to be the trillions of dollars saved because education would not be a necessity. Minors, especially in the U.S. are lackadaisical and an effort to educate them would go to waste. As the rising drop-out rates show, any steps taken to broaden their career options is an act of foolishness; this privilege should only be reserved for the elite who want to follow in their parents’ footsteps. Most of the other children will eventually put their families in debt and accumulate a criminal record. With the business of sex trafficking, they can easily prevent that from happening and stay out of trouble.

Controversy, to this proposed solution of cashing in from the sex trade, is evident in that many countries are banding together to try and postpone the inevitable economic depression.  The truth is, the Euro is failing, the U.S. dollar is failing, oil costs are soaring, Mother Nature has rallied against the human race, and history is repeating itself.  At this time of need, the public wants progress and needs hope, and if the government has money, progress can be made.  Raising taxes will only upset the general public. The sex trade opens so many new jobs, products, and consumers to pay for services that an increase in tax would not be required.  This proposal also solves the problem of unemployment.  If the sex trade is open for business many people can open businesses or find busywork at hotels and brothels.  The increasing jobs would boost public opinion of the state and vice versa.  Also, the real economic problems start when people must save more than they can spend; with the new jobs and revenue taken from the trade, nations will become economically sound and stable. So with this solution the public can consume more and in turn help the economy.

Although the trade will generate large sums of money, we do not have any interest or proceeds being routed for any kind of personal benefit.  It is but a modest proposal for the bettering of our communities, trading industry, and to pimp our current economic state.  This is for the good of the general public, world economies, and the mistreated, troubled children of today.  We strongly recommend that this proposal be put into action as soon as possible.

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