6th June 2017

What I did this morning

1. Got out of bed – I hear the loud, abrupt, beeping sound of my alarm. I see the light on my curtains, a yellow, soft hue. I feel the heat pouring out of my heater and filling my room with it. The light and the heat gives me the sense that it is a warm day. I roll out of bed.

2. Got dressed – I put on my blue fluffy dressing gown and select clothes that were folded at the end of my bed. I swing open my bedroom door and a flush of cold air comes in. I fetch my mums hoodie from the lounge that is hanging on the washing line. I look out the window and realise that there is a heavy frost, a very cold day – not warm at all, like I thought this morning. I grab my mums jacket and put it on. I can instantly smell the perfume on it.

3. Packed my bag – I unplug my laptop from the charger, pick it up and place in on my black bed.

4. Brushed my teeth

5. Defrosted my car – I go outside and my

Waking up – menace

The loud, abrupt beeping wakes me from my slumber. My room is filled with darkness and I struggle to open my eyes. Soon I fall back asleep, trying to savour any time I can before getting up. The second alarm goes off. Now I must get up. I pull the covers off me and roll off the bed. The icy air hits my skin. Outside it is

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